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2/9/11 - I have been taking my mower to Carl for a few years now for regular maintenance and he is the best around.  I highly recommend Yates Mowers and his friendly staff. Gary

3/5/11 - Carl was very professional and helped me pick the mower that best fit me and my yard.  Karen

4/8/11 - My mower was serviced and ready for pick up within 24 hours.  The mower is in better working condition then when I bought it new.  Dave

9/2/11 - Carl is an extremely honest person.  He stands by all his mowers and will go the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied.  Chris

6/23/12 - I am currently using Mr Yates' services and will continue to do so as long as I can mow a lawn! Mr Yates is Highly recommended in my book!  Michael

7/21/12 - I was very impressed with their professional ads and friendly customer service.  Thomas

8/25/2012 - I personally called Carl to tell him "thank you" for the quality time he spent with me when purchasing my mower yesterday.  Also, to let him know that the mower ran great and cut my lawn perfectly. Justin

12/12/12 - Carl accommodated a replacement mower for me.  When I tried it the first time it worked wonderful. I will continue to use Yates Mowers before I go anywhere else in the future.  I was blessed to run across their ad.  With little money Carl was able to help me get a great running mower. Have a blessed Christmas and thank you very much. Eli

3/3/2013 - A friend of mine highly recommended Carl. It didn't take me long to understand why.  He takes the time to answer questions, offer tips for maintenance and care, and helped me select the best mower for my mowing conditions. I will recommend him to my friends for his outstanding quality of service and availability. Jacob

6/26/13 - I had an older honda that I took to a repair shop who charged me $38.00 dollars to tell me my mower was old and had no compression. I called Carl and explained the conditions and he was able to diagnose the problem over the phone and it was not a compression issue. Due to my long distance drive and my busy work schedule he met me at 7am in the morning at his shop.  He replaced a magento and it ran perfectly and has ever since. Thanks Carl! Ben

5/14/14 - I took my broken mower to Carl for a trade in because my mower always gave me problems. He quickly recognized the problem of a worn and stretched engine control cable that was working intermittently. Within in a few minutes he replaced it with a new cable and within the hour I was cutting grass. He tells it like it is and is not out to make the almighty dollar. I will recommend him to everyone I know. Stephen

7/3/14 - I took my mower to Home Depot for repair and they told me it would be approximately 6 weeks to get it back which was totally unacceptable, I took it Carl and had it back the next day. I won't go to anyone else. Jake

3/15/15 - I have been using Carl for 3 years and he is the best. Don't hesitate to call, he will not let you down. Thanks Vanessa

3/30/15 - I love my mower, it starts the first time, every time. You are the best. Emily

6/20/15 - Very friendly and answered all my questions. Thanks Yates Mowers!

9/5/15 - My mower had bad gas not only were they able to correct it they had it back to me the next day so I could get my lawn mowed before our new baby arrived. So glad to have you in our community. Steve

3/5/16 - Brian

11/27/16 - Carl and his son Griffin have been helping me with my ancient mower for the past year. They are always friendly. I don't have family close that can help with this kind of stuff so it's beyond appreciated that he is so willing to help. Thank you Carl and son Griffin for all you do.

6/23/2018 - Thanks for my quality mower that I purchased for half of the retail price. I will use your services as needed. Rick

9/5/2018 -Thanks for fixing my mower, it runs great. Brad P

12/15/2019 - Honest person, I will recommend Carl to all our family and friends. Jack & Ellane
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